Installation Instructions

  1. Go to the XYZScripts Member Area
  2. From the “Purchased Products” link you can download the latest version of XYZ WP Popup Premium.
  3. Extract the to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  4. In the admin panel under plugins activate XYZ WP Popup.
  5. You can configure the basic settings from XYZ WP Popup menu.
  6. Once settings are done, you may create popups.

Instructions for Upgrading  to Premium Plugin from free Plugin

  1. Download the latest version from XYZScripts Member Area.
  2. Upload  the zip pack through the plugins page or upload the folder to plugins folder using ftp.
  3. Deactivate the free plugin. (Don’t delete the free plugin.)
  4. Now activate the premium plugin.
  5. Create the license key from the XYZScripts Member Area and use it when asked. (More about generating the license key is available in
  6. The premium plugin is now ready to use.

Instructions for updating the premium plugin from an older version

  1. Download the latest version from XYZScripts Member Area.
  2. Unzip the plugin pack and upload this to your site through ftp. (The upload through the wp-plugins page won’t work as the folder name of the old and new versions are same.)
  3. After uploading all files using ftp, deactivate the plugin and then reactivate it.
  4. If there is any issue with the images or style, please clear the cache from the browser.
  5. Now the updated plugin is ready.



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