XYZ WP Contact Form – Features and Introduction


Congratulations for using XYZ WP Contact Form! It gives you the ability to create contact forms with different elements and fields in your site.


  • Full control on Contact Form
  • Multiple Contact Forms
  • Storage of the contact requests
  • Support the form elements text, email, text area, dropdown, checkbox, radiobutton, date, captcha, file upload, hidden element, Numeric field, rich text area and submit button
  • Auto save contact forms
  • Multi language support
  • Support for SMTP Mailing
  • Edit the contact form without modifying the short code
  • Autoreply feature
  • Redirection after submission feature
  • Standard captcha and reCaptcha options
  • Style class integration option with form elements
  • Option to add “*” (star symbol) for mandatory fields
  • Tiny MCE filter option
  • Shortcodes for contact forms
  • Visual HTML editor for beautiful contact forms
  • Contact form duplication
  • Multiple “To email” and “CC email”
  • Manage Error messages from the admin area.
  • Placeholder text in form fields
  • File attachments with auto reply mail


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