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Twitter Auto Publish – Settings

 Twitter Settings are given below.


You have to create a Twitter application before filling the twitter settings fields. 
Click here to create new application.

Specify your website for the application. This is given in the settings page.
In the twitter application, navigate to Settings > Application Type > Access. Here select Read and Write option. 
After updating access, navigate to Details > Your access token in the application and click Create my access token button.

Using the link Creating Twitter Application , you can see how to create the twitter application.

1. API Key - Here enter the API key from twitter application.

2. API secret - Enter the API secret here.

3. Twitter username - Enter your twitter username here.

4. Access token - Here you can enter the twitter application access token.

5. Access token secret - Enter the access token secret here.

6. Message format for posting - This is the message format for posting in the twitter. You can add your message with post title, blog title etc. here. The codes are given below.

  • {BLOG_TITLE} – This is the title of the blog (wordpress site name)
  • {POST_TITLE} – Title of your post
  • {PERMALINK} – This is the URL of the post.
  • {POST_EXCERPT} – This is the summary of your post.
  • {POST_CONTENT} – This is the description of the post.
  • {USER_NICENAME} – This is the nice name of the author. 
If you want to display the post title, the link to the post and the summary of the post, please use the codes  {POST_TITLE} - {PERMALINK}-{POST_EXCERPT} . You can select the code from the dropdown menu.

7. Attach image to twitter post - If you want to attach images with the twitter post, use this option. A sample image is given below.


8. Enable auto publish posts to my twitter account -  If you want to publish your blog posts in twitter automatically, enable this option.

Basic Settings

We can add the basic settings of the plugin here.

FB basic settings

1. Publish wordpress `pages` to social media - If you want to publish the wordpress pages to social media, enable this option. 

2. Publish wordpress `posts` to social media - If you want to publish the wordpress posts to social media, enable this option. 

3. Select wordpress categories for auto publish - Here you can select all your categories or specific categories for auto publish of posts. So the posts under the selected categories are published automatically to social media.

4. Select wordpress custom post types for auto publish - If you have any custom post types in the site and want the posts in these types for auto publish, please select the types.

5. Default selection of auto publish while editing posts/pages - If you want to publish to facebook when editing a post or page, please enable this option.

6. SSL Peer Verification - This is the setting of verifying the ssl connection with external site. It is better to use the SSL peer verification. In some site the SSL peer verification is not available and then you can disable this option.

7. Enable credit link to author - Enable this option for a credit link to the plugin author.

8. Enable premium version ads - You an enable/disable the premium version ads here.


In the ‘logs’ section we can see the status of the auto publish.

fb logs

It shows the post id, published date and time and the status.

We can find the error messages here, if there is any error while publishing.


How to publish a post to Twitter ?


If you have enabled the Twitter Auto Publish plugin, you can see the Twitter publish option when we add a new post.


This option is displayed just below the post editor section.



twitter meta box 


Here enable the auto publish post to my twitter account and the post will publish to your twitter account.


Note: If you cannot see this option even if the plugin is active, please check the “Screen Options” in the top right corner and tick the “Twitter Auto Publish – Post Options”.


screen options



twitter meta box 2 


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Social Media Auto Publish Buy Now
★ Facebook ★ Twitter ★ Linkedin ★ Pinterest ★ Google + ★ Multiple Accounts ★ And much more...


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