Quick Box Popup


The Quick Box Popup  is one type of popup which display the content in a box having the hide facility. 

To access the  Quick Box, go to the wp-admin area. 

In the left menu of admin area you can see “XYZ  Quick Box” menu.

 Quick Box


There are 3 pages in the Quick Box Popup.

1. Quick Box

2. Basic Settings

3. About


1. Quick Box

The configurations for the Quick Box Popup are given below.

The Quick Box contains 2 sections, the title and the body.


Title Text – This is the title of the Quick Box. 

Title color – You can change the title color here using the help of a color picker.

Title font size – This feature is available in premium version only.




Show referrer messages?  – This option is used to show referrer messages to the users. (Available only in the premium version)

Content : Enter your Full Screen Popup content here.


Position Settings

We can display the Quick Box in 12 positions.

Quick Box Position

For the position, we want to select the Quickbox Display Positions and alignment.

For the top and bottom positions, there are 3 alignments. Left, center and right.

So we can select top left, top center or top right positions. The same case with bottom positions.

Other positions are left and right positions with top, center and bottom alignment.

We can select left top, left center or left bottom positions and right top, right center or right bottom positions.

We can also set the width and height of the quick box.


Effect settings


Quick Box Effect Settings


Slidable option : This is the option of sliding the quick box from outside the webpage. This option is available only in the premium version.


Display Logic Settings


Quick Box Display


Display as iframe – We can display the quick box in iframe or in the same page.

If you are using the iframe, any link or buttons in the quick box will open in the same quick box.
To open a link in a window outside the quick box or to use a social media button, please disable the iframe display.

Display trigger – Using this option, we can display the quick box on loading of the page or when clicking a location/element in a page or when exiting the webpage. (Available only in premium version) 

Target display devices - You can select the devices where you want  to display the quick box. We can display the quick box in desktop/PC or (and) Mobile/Tablet. (Available only in premium version)


Popup Closing Settings


 Dialog box close modes

Close Mode - There are different close modes like close the popup when clicking in an element in the box etc. (Available in premium version only)

Auto Close after timeout : Automatically close the quick box after a time period. (Available in premium version only)


Javascript Callback Settings

You can use some javascript callbacks to trigger any custom javascript code when displaying the quick box or when closing the quick box.

This is useful to stop a video when we close the quick box or to autostart/continue a video when a quick box displayed.

Javascript Callback Settings


Callback on popup display - This is the javascript callback when a popup is displaying. We can use a javascript code to resume/autostart a video when displaying the quick box. (Available in premium version only)

Callback on popup hide - The javascript code used here will active when we close the quick box. This can be used to stop a video when we close the quick box. There are javascript code to stop a video and you need to use this code here to stop the video. (Available in premium version only)


Style Settings

Here we can select the style of the quick box.

Quick Box Style Settings


Z index – Z index determines whether the quick box display under or above the pages.
As the value of z index increases, the quick box become on top(above) of all page contents.

Background color – We can select the quick box background using a color picker.

Border color – This is the color of the quick box border and title background.

Border width – We can set the width/thickness of the quick box border here.

Border radius – If you want a rounded corner for the quick box, use this oprion. As the radius increases, the roundness also increases. Use ’0 (zero)’ for rectangular edges.


Placement Settings

Placement mechanism – This is the mechanism we are using to add the quick box in pages.

There are 3 placement mechanisms

1. Automatic – Here the quick box will load in all pages.

2. Manual – If you want to display the quick box in particular pages, use this option. Now you need to add the short code [xyz_qbx_default_code] in the pages where you want to display the quick box.

3. Specific Pages – Here you can specify the pages you want to display the quick box. You can display the quick box in pages, posts and in home page.


Reset cookies?(for testing) – For testing purposes we need to reset the cookies. If you want to see this quick box immediately after you made changes in any settings, you have to reset the cookies.
Tick this option to reset the cookies.

After filling these options click the “Update Settings” button to save the quick box popup.


2. Basic Settings

Click on the “Basic Settings” link to get the quick box popup settings page.

Basic Settings - Quick Box

Enable tiny MCE filter to prevent auto removal of < br > and < p > tags ? - In the wordpress, it will remove the <p> and <br> tags from the html content automatically. You can prevent this by enabling this setting.

Enable credit link to author? - You can support us by enabling the credit link in your site.

Enable Quickbox Popup? – You can enable or disable the popup here without deactivating the plugin.

Compatible with cache plugin? - If you are using any cache plugin, it will affect the popup. To avoid this we can enable this option, if you are using any cache plugin. 

(If this option is enabled, only a javascript will load. There is a slight delay in appearing the popup if this setting enabled.)

Enable Premium Version Ads? - You can enable or disable the premium version ads in the plugin pages.


3. About

You can see and compare the features of the Quick Box Popup free plugin and the premium version XYZ WP Popup plugin here.



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