PHP Code  Snippets


In the PHP Code Snippets section we can see all the available snippets and can create new snippets.

PHPCode Snippets


In this page we can see all the Snippets available, Short code of the snippet, Status of the snippet and we can do some actions here.

The different status are Active and Inactive.

If the snippet is active, you can deactivate it by clicking on the image Deactivate in the Action section.

To activate a snippet click on the image Activate

You can edit the snippet by clicking on the image Edit

To delete the snippet, click on the image Delete

To create a new PHP Code Snippet, please click on the button “Add New PHP Code Snippet

Add PHP Snippet


Here you can enter the Tracking Name and the PHP code (without the starting and ending php tags <?php  ?>).

Now click on the Create button and you will get a short code.

Please copy this short code and paste it in the location where you want to display the content.


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